There is a very common mistake I encounter with domain names, which could be dangerous for your business if not resolved. I’d like to discuss why this is, and what you can do.

Many web experts will tell you that a domain name (your .com/ address) is an essential part of owning a website. And this is true – it does indeed make you look professional!

But it isn’t something you do only once and forget about.

Your domain name is a separate piece of your website to your hosting. I define it as a piece of property because it has special registration information, which goes into a registry. Much like how a vehicle registration is a separate thing to the vehicle itself.

Why is it important to remember your domain name registration?

If your business ever changes owners, the new owner should own the .com/.au address; this includes being responsible for keeping it up to date and ensuring it is paid for.

If your website ever moves hosts, you will need to update your domain’s records records; this is to ensure that your “.com” takes people to the correct website.

Also, if the registration renewal is ever missed, there can be complications in getting an expired domain back. It could be snapped up by a competitor, or otherwise taken by an advertising company to link to other websites.

To ensure minimal downtime to your website if you ever change web hosts or business owners, please hang on to your domain name registration records!

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