Having some clear website goals is an essential part of a digital business strategy.

Many people invest time and money into websites, wondering if it will work or not. It can leave you hesitant on whether to invest money in a project or campaign, or what your next move should be.

When planning your website, it’s good to have some goals in mind, and an understanding of your target audience.

What are some goals to consider?

It’s good to think beyond having a website as a simple online presence. Why? Because websites can do much more than that!

Some possible goals include:

  • Getting more enquiries over the phone because customers found you on Google.
  • Getting more leads to your consulting or service business, because people were enticed by your blog or free giveaway.
  • Making more money because you’re able to sell your goods interstate and overseas.
set website goals to make more money

Websites can and should be more than an address to give people on your business card. With a good strategy, they can be used to make more money for your business.

How should you set website goals?

As with any project, websites can be built around SMART goals. (Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time bound.)

Specific – Meaning you have a number in mind. (E.g. Instead of saying, “I want more leads” you could say, “I want my website to generate 30 new leads every week.”)

Measurable – You have a means to keep track of certain things. (E.g. The number of people who have landed on your “thank you” page after signing up for your email newsletter.

Attainable – You’ve done your research and know that this is something that actually can be achieved. (I.e. You know your target audience and competitors well enough that you know there are enough people who will buy what you are selling.)

Relevant – This goal is something that will help you grow and add value to your business in the long run. In other words, you’re not just doing it for a number of ‘Facebook Likes’ or ‘Followers’.

Time bound – You have a plan in mind for when you would like to see this goal achieved. Without set time points, your project goals end up in the “pile of someday” or something you wish you could have achieved.

happy website owner

With clearly defined goals, there’s no need to stress and worry about wasting money on a website or whether or not it’s working.

Why set goals for your website?

Websites that are designed and developed around your goals will add value and help you grow your business.

With goals in mind, and a means to track them, then you’ll less likely be in the dark about whether things are working or not. You’ll also get a better return of your investment on time and money once you know what your website is actually doing for you.

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2 comments on “Website Goals: What Should a Website Achieve?

  1. Robyn on

    So many goals for my website… this year I worked mainly on using for 80% attraction 20% conversion, next year will probably be a 50/50 split. How about you? What are your website goals Louise?

    • Louise on

      Hey Robyn. 50/50 split looks like a great target to reach for!

      I’m thinking about the same as you are (80% attraction, 20% conversion) for now. I’ll be starting 2018 out with some new branding, so I’m curious how this is going to affect things.

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