An online presence can be essential for doing business these days, and a website can potentially be a powerful marketing tool for you. So, what does a website cost?

I can see how it can be confusing and mysterious, especially if you are new to the digital space.

Some websites can be built for free, or for a small fee per month. Some web designers have price lists ranging from $500-$5000. But you also may have heard of people spending tens of thousands or even more!

If you’re curious what a “normal” price is, or if a higher price means a better website, then read on.

Set Packages vs Custom Design

There are some web designers who offer a range of packages, and some who require a consultation process before giving you a quote. What’s the difference?

A website sold as a package (essentially, a “product”). Often these packages come with a set list of features, and include things like e-commerce (aka. “shopping cart”) as an additional option.

When are set packages a good idea?

Set packages can be good if you know exactly what your budget is (or if you need to keep it as tight as possible), and know if the features are right for you. They’re also a good option if you need a simple page to direct your customers to read more information about you.


“Off the shelf” packaged websites are essentially a cookie-cut solution. You’ll likely receive a website based on a template that looks like 1000s of other businesses. And you’ll likely have to do a lot of work to make it an integral part of your business activities.

The advantage of custom website design

The advantage you get from a custom web design is that you get a website that is more than something pretty to look at.

Professional web designers and digital consultants have had years practice in building websites that bring a return of investment into business. In other words, we have the best practices figured out, so that you can focus on being the best at what you do.

A custom web design package will have strategies and tie-ins with your mailing list (your website will collect more leads for you), SEO (which is totally worth it!), and social media.

Having a consultant help you adds to your website cost, but they are a great help!

Having a consultant work with you on your website is like having a pit crew for your racing car. Have assurance that someone will be with you, making sure that your website is doing the best it can now, and into the future.

So, how much should a website cost?

I suggest doing some research and working out what features your website will need, and how these features will benefit your business and your customers.

What can affect your website’s cost?

  • Features that require technical expertise – E.g. Shopping cart websites that have specific needs, such as automatic email responses, or Afterpay.
  • Special, custom content, such as photography or videos can add to the overall costs.
  • SEO to help your page rank higher on Google search results, so that you have to do less work advertising your website.
  • A high volume of traffic – As more and more people will your website, your server (the remote computer your website lives on) may require more hardware power.
  • Security features – In order to keep customer information safe and private, you will likely need special software, or someone’s technical expertise to help you do this.

But… How much should my website cost?

The right solution for you could be to invest in a simple web design, but spend more money on photography in order to sell your products.

Or, the right solution for you might not involve splashing out on photography. Your website cost could involve an automated lead capture process – so that your website automatically collects leads and makes sales for you 24/7.

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Image credits: Pexels/Pixabay, KaboomPics