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Why do websites need maintenance?

In my earlier days of freelancing, many of my clients and prospects were against the idea of a website maintenance plan. The main reasons were that they didn’t think they needed to spend more, and didn’t believe their website was “big enough” to be compromised.

Why spend ongoing time and attention on maintaining a website? Does it mean it is unsafe to begin with?

Not necessarily.

Maintenance Mode: How to unpublish a WordPress website


This post now contains out of date information. Please find my newer, more up to date tutorial: How to Unpublish Your WordPress Site.

There are times when it could be a good idea to unpublish your WordPress website. Maintenance mode plugins allow you to take your website “offline” to the public, but allow you to make content changes.

Putting your website in an unpublished state is as simple as installing a plugin and switching it on. In this article, I’ll go through my recommended way of doing this.