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How to get along with a web designer

For as long as I have been working in this industry, I have come across angry and sad tales of business owners who had a terrible experience web designer. I’ve heard the stories many different ways; but essentially it ended up that the business owner didn’t get what they wanted and felt like they were getting ripped off.

It’s no wonder why some may be extra cautious when choosing to hire a professional, and why some may opt to do it themselves.

Just to forewarn: This article is kind of a rant/stream of consciousness piece I really wanted to get out of my system. Though, I hope if you take the time to read this (or at least skim read) you might find something that helps. 🙂

3 Things You Should Have Before You Start a Website

If you’re new to running a business (online or offline) I strongly advice getting at least these things in order before you start a website.

Why is this? A website is a long investment of time (and sometimes money), and I believe it’s better to be prepared than have everything come to a halt.

So if you want to ensure your website is a worthwhile investment of time and/or money, then read on.

The Cost of Cheap Web Design – Is it Really Worth it?

instant noodles

Doing your website on the cheap is like eating instant noodles for dinner every night. Filling, but not nutritious.

Is getting a cheap web design a good idea if you want to save money?

In my time working in this industry, I have noticed a desire to get online at the lowest price possible. A cheap web design sounds like a good deal, because we all like the idea of being thrifty and…

  • You might be a new business and/or have limited funds to spend.
  • You may have been burnt in the past, and don’t want to risk wasting money.
  • You love the thought of paying a lower price for something that would otherwise be expensive.

But choosing a cheap web designer is a bit like eating instant noodles for dinner every night. Yes, you need to eat. Yes, it fills you up, but it’s not very nutritious and healthy for you in the long term.

On the other hand, planned meals with fresh and nutritious ingredients will contribute to a healthier life in the long run. The same goes for your online marketing.