In order to know that your website is getting people to stay and explore, you want to keep your bounce rate as low as possible.

What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is a web design industry term meaning the percentage of people who exit your website after only visiting one page. Ideally you want this number to be as low as possible. A higher percentage means that most people are leaving your website once they get there.

google analytics bounce rate

Bounce rate in Google Analytics

How do you keep your bounce rate low, and get people to stay on your website once they get there?

There are two pieces of advice I can give you:

1. Provide your visitors with a good experience.
2. Make it obvious what you want people to do.

#1 Provide your visitors with a good experience

Providing a good experience is more than just impressing your visitors with a beautiful design or high quality photos. People will exit a website if they find it takes too long to download.

People will expect a website to download within a few seconds. So just because you are happy and proud of how nice it looks, doesn’t mean your customer will be happy to sit and wait patiently. If it takes too long, they may think something is wrong or broken. This is one of the most common causes of a high bounce rate.

Even if a restaurant serves really great food, people may have a negative experience if they have to wait too long for service.

#2 Make it obvious what you want people to do

In the industry, we refer to this as a “call to action”. Ideally you want one action or outcome from every page on your website.

phone us call to action if people can't instantly see what they want, this will increase your bounce rate

Clearly instructing your website visitor to call you could make all the difference in getting more phone calls.

If you provide your visitor with too many options, they may feel overwhelmed or confused about what to do next.

If there is no call to action, then you may find you don’t get as many phone calls it wasn’t made clear what you wanted the visitor to do.

Using the words, “Call us for an appointment” (as opposed to simply displaying your phone number) can make all the difference in the amount of bookings you get.

On a more personal example, I have to (gently) remind my friends and followers that I’m open to new clients. If I don’t remind them, then they will assume I’m fully booked out and I might miss out on a referral.

I’m all about getting the most potential out of your online presence! And I hope you are too!

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  1. Mel D on

    Great tips. I struggle sometimes to know if what I think is clear and obvious is really so. I guess once I get my analytics working properly I will know by my bounce rate.

  2. sherry on

    Great read. Thank you. I love the bit about putting in a call to action with the phone number and letting people know you are open to new clients.

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