Are you on the fence about whether to get a new website in 2018?

Here are some reasons we think you should upgrade your website in 2018.

#1 Your current website just “looks old”

You might hear people say that if you’re in business, then you need to have an online presence. People will Google search for your name when they first hear about you; And the impression they get from your home page is the impression they will get of your company.

#2 Your website is difficult for you to update

Having an old content management system (or lacking one altogether) an make updating your website a nightmare!

Content management systems, such as WordPress, allow us to edit website content without needing to know HTML. The great thing about WordPress is that it’s constantly evolving; That means it gets more user-friendly for you, and more powerful as a website publishing platform.

#3 Your website isn’t mobile friendly

Sure, maybe the theme you have is “responsive” but that’s only half the battle.

There are other ways your website might not be optimised for mobile. It could be that your visitors have to wade through long pages of text, or complicated menu systems in order to find what they need. Or it could be that your images and videos are not optimised, and thus provide a sluggish experience on mobiles.

#4 Your website isn’t fulfilling any business goals

Many business owners create websites just because they “think they need one”.

However, a website built to achieve specific goals is definitely something that will add value to a business. Think beyond having a website just to say “I exist” and think about how it can work as a machine to drive in more leads and sales.

#5 You’re not getting found on Google

get your business found on google

If customers or clients don’t find your website on Google, they’ll find your competitors’s websites instead.

When people first learn about your business, chance are they will likely look for you on Google.

People will also turn to Google when they’re looking for an answer to their need, pain, or desire. If your website isn’t coming up in search results for these problems, then your competitors will be.

#6 Your website no longer represents who you are anymore

Maybe your business has changed direction. Maybe your goals have shifted. Maybe you have new branding.

Or maybe your website isn’t fulfilling a specific need for your target audience. These are all valid reasons to get a new website in 2018.

#7 Your website doesn’t integrate with social media

The ability to share pages and articles to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) increases exposure of your content to new people.

Integrating with social media not only “share this” buttons, but also ensuring that an eye-catching thumbnail leads people to your content as well.

#8 Your website doesn’t integrate with an email marketing platform

Email is one of the simplest and least expensive platforms to market your business.

It’s also a great way to capture website visitors who aren’t yet ready to become paying customers.

Should you get a new website in 2018?

Do you agree with the above reasons? Or have you thought of any other reasons? Let me know in the comments!

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