There are many ways to minimise waste in your business. Old office furniture forms a significant amount of landfill waste. As business owners, we can combat this by donating old furniture when it’s old, and choosing pre-owned when setting up a new office. Not only is considering pre-loved good for the Earth, it may also save you money as well.

Did you know that tons of perfectly good, functional office furniture gets sent to landfill? All because the new office owner wanted “brand new”!

Office chairs in usable condition – destined for landfill. Photo by Bryce Bannon – used with permission.

It’s pretty shocking, but as someone who has worked with businesses, I’m not surprised. Many businesses owners/decision makers already have enough to think about. Having to contact someone to take away old furniture just adds to the stress pile.

Aside from it already being much to think about, you might also be considering:

  • Wanting to make a good impression with brand new, matching pieces.
  • The excitement of shiny new stuff. Or,
  • Wanting to avoid the “eew” factor of choosing second hand.

Second hand furniture providers in Melbourne

Here are a couple of businesses that sell second-hand office furniture and/or accept your old desks and chairs.

Now that you know that you can minimise waste in your business with second-hand furniture, what’s holding you back?

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Cover Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels
Office chairs photo by Bryce Bannon.