Category: Owning a Website

Owning a website is an exciting part of online marketing. Plus, getting found online is an essential part of running a business.

You can think of your website as your 24/7 sales person. It should be answering queries, and bringing in sales and leads while you sleep.

Why Your Website Isn’t Making Sales

Those with online stores in Australia… I see a lot of posts in various groups from owners of online/e-commerce stores questioning why they are not making sales through their websites. Approaching this purely from a consumer’s perspective there are a few things I notice missing at a lot of these sites (and, admittedly I am perhaps a little pickier than others).

Why do websites need maintenance?

In my earlier days of freelancing, many of my clients and prospects were against the idea of a website maintenance plan. The main reasons were that they didn’t think they needed to spend more, and didn’t believe their website was “big enough” to be compromised.

Why spend ongoing time and attention on maintaining a website? Does it mean it is unsafe to begin with?

Not necessarily.