How do you know if your website is doing its job? If you don’t then, understandably, this can cause worry as to whether or not this has been a worthwhile investment.

Here are some ways to know if your website is living up to its purpose.

#1 You’re getting engagement

website engagement

If people are sticking around on your website and not ‘bouncing’ then that’s good!

You can see whether or not people are staying on your website by checking your bounce rate. (Bounce rate is the percentage of people who exit your website after seeing only one page.)

google analytics bounce rate

You can also use Google Analytics to see where visitors are travelling from one page to another, and how far they go!

It may take a while to understand how to read the information, but once you do, it can provide valuable insights. With Google Analytics you can find out which pages and sign-up forms are working, and where people might be getting stuck.

#2 You’re getting enquiries

website enquiries phone

An increase of emails or phone calls can (and should) happen as a result of owning a website.

If you’ve noticed an increase in phone calls or emails, then that’s a sure sign your website is doing its job.

However, if you’ve had your websites for a few months and find that your phone isn’t ringing as much, it may be worthwhile exploring how easily people can find your website and/or your phone number.

If by chance your website is not mobile friendly, you may be missing out on potential visitors who can’t find your contact information by using their phone.

#3 You’re getting more sales

your website is working if you're getting more sales

You know our website is working if you’re getting more sales!

This may seem obvious, but one reason why people get websites is so they can sell to people all over the world!

If you’re getting more sales than before, then this is a sure sign your website is doing its job!

#4 You don’t have to answer the same questions again and again

website benefit answering questions

Spend less time answering questions by having a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page or Knowledgebase

With a good FAQ or knowledge-base in place, your customers and visitors can have their questions answered without having to bother you. (Ever get those, “Sorry to bother you,” emails?)

#5 Your audience is growing

website is working if your audience grows

A growing audience is a sure sign that your website is working.

With a good strategy in place, social media followers should become website visitors. Website visitors should become email subscribers. Email subscribers should share your valuable articles on social media, therefore bring more people to your website.

Essentially, all these systems should feed into one another to grow your overall audience.

If you invite potential leads to your email newsletter or Facebook page, then they’re more likely to have you at the front of their mind when they’re ready for your product or service.

Question for You

What differences have you noticed since starting a new website? If you haven’t, then what would you like to see?

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